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Café’s may reopen if they can provide outdoor facilities, says Hancock.

With the summer months approaching and Covid 19 measures still intact, pubs, restaurants and cafes are wondering when they will once again be able to open. It seems there may be some hope at the end of the tunnel for café’s who are able to provide outdoor facilities.

Mr Hancock stated “The Business Secretary (Alok Sharma) is working on the rules for safe working so, when we get the rate of new infections down, we can work on how people can get back to work as safely as possible. And we are going to say more about that very shortly.

“There is strong evidence that outdoors the spread is much, much lower, so there may be workarounds that some businesses, for instance cafes, especially over the summer, may be able to put into place.”

With this is mind, there has never been a more important time for the hospitality industry to ensure they are proving a full outdoor service to their customers. This of course would include a fully comprehensive outdoor furniture set up.

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